A racial category that reflects individuals who identify as having origins in Laotian, Laos or Lao cultures. See: AsianSource: Census.gov
A commonly used designation that stresses common origins in Latin America, the parts of Central and South America where Spanish is the main language). Each culture is a unique blend of diverse traditions.Note: As is the case with most American minority groups, labels and group names are important. Terms that may seem inoffensive and neutral may be offensive in that they reinforce the mistaken perception that all Spanish-speaking peoples are alike. It is important to know from what Spanish-speaking country a person is from before assuming that they are Spanish, Latino(a), Hispanic American etc. These words are not entirely interchangeable.See: Hispanic Source: Healey, Joseph. Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Class: The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change.California: Pine Forge, 1998.
A standard dictionary simply defines a lesbian as a female homosexual. The term lesbian is nothing new. It originated to refer to an inhabitant of the Isle of Lesbos. Our present day connotation of the world evolved from references to Sappho, a Lesbian poet whose verse detailed her emotional ties to other women. Lesbians are homosexual females and range in size, shape and appearance with just as much diversity as the heterosexual population. Lesbianism is more than just sexual orientation. It is a way of life. Many of the issues that lesbians deal with are different than those dealt with by heterosexual women, or homosexual men. See: GaySource: The Wonderful World of Lesbianism
Lone Wolf
"Lone wolf" activism is what Alex Curtis has preached through his hate website and racist telephone messages. White supremacists would, according to Curtis, act alone in committing criminal acts or in small groups, or "cells", to avoid penetration by law enforcement.Source: Anti Defamation League