A racial category that reflects individuals who identify as Korean or Korean American or others.See: AsianSource: Census.gov
Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
From the Greek "kuklos", ("circle" or "wheel"), is a "fraternal organization" that grew out of the Civil War in America to protect and preserve the white race and ensure "voluntary separation" of the races, and even extinction of Blacks, Catholics, and Jews. Founded in Polaski, Tennessee, in 1866 by 6 Confederate officers. One of them, and the first Imperial Wizard of the KKK, was a former Confederate general and Freemason, Nathan Bedford Forrest. It was known as the "Invisible Empire of the South". In 1869 Forrest ordered the Empire to disband because of the extreme violence, but 1915 was a rebirth for the KKK just after the film "The rebirth of a Nation" where Klansmen were romantically portrayed as heroes who had preserved the moral fiber and character of America. This time W.J. Simmons, was the architect. By the mid-1920s they controlled some states such as Indiana from the courthouse to the statehouse. By 1944 the KKK collapsed in a storm of corruption, murder, rape, and torture. Today, there are a few thousands left, very divided but still practicing. They are well known for their disguise -- white sheets, posing as ghosts of dead Confederate soldiers, with their blazing torches burning large wooden crosses in a "circle", to terrorize and kill Blacks, just for the sake of being Blacks. "We don't burn crosses, we light them", they claim, "and it is a religious celebration and ceremony, not an act of desecration "with a violent history, including lynchings, murders, and bombings. The American Knights also are the fastest-growing, most aggressive Klan group in existence. From a single unit formed in Butler, Ind., in 1995, they have expanded into at least 27 state chapters today. And their recruiting efforts are continuing apace. Source: Southern Poverty Law Center